Cooroy Bowen Therapy

cooroy bowen therapyBowen therapy is for various conditions including pain relief, relaxation, sports injuries and more. There are many theories about the physiological mechanisms by which the Bowen Technique brings about the results for which it is famous and Bowen therapy works on the soft tissue or fascia of the body which is one piece of tissue running throughout the body surrounding every organ, muscle, joint, etc.

Annaliese (Lisa) Lister who operates Cooroy Bowen Therapy at  Lakeridge Health, Beauty and Skin Clinic holds a Diploma of Bowen Therapy. Her love for this form of treatment drives Lisa to continually research the latest news and discoveries. Coupled with her 15 years’ experience treating Sunshine Coast locals and visitors as a Bowen Therapist, Lisa is a 'hands-on' wealth of knowledge.
Lisa literally fell into her career and a passionate conviction for Bowen Therapy following years of debilitating pain as a result of a horse riding accident. As a qualified professional Bowen Therapist since 1998, Lisa has seen the undeniable evidence that Bowen Therapy is most effective in the treatment of pain relief, relaxation and sport injuries. 
Lisa established Lakeridge Health, Skin and Beauty Clinic and Cooroy Bowen Therapy 15 years ago here in the Noosa hinterland and has been a strong advocate for supporting families and individuals in providing a professional local skin and healthcare destination. Bowen Therapy is a treatment option for all ages, especially effective on children and the elderly as it is gentle and non-invasive.
Each Bowen move is done at the level of the superficial fascia and affects the relationship between the fascia and the nerve, muscle or tendon being mobilized. The continuity of muscles up the back and down the legs means that this relationship is given a lot of attention in Bowen therapy sessions. Manipulation of these muscles can have a profound effect on the spine and posture.
Some Bowen procedures also activate draining of the lymphatic system stimulating the immune system.
Detoxification is often initiated during a Bowen session, thereby improving the body's ability to function at a cellular level.

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